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cunninghams white rhododendrons hybirds ACID PLANTS


Rhododendrons Hybrids

Rhododendron 'Cunninghams White'

Hard to find old  variety


The plant  is  about 14-18 inches in height and fills a  2 litre pot.  

The genus Rhododendron is grouped into the heath family, Ericaceae which contains many acid soil loving species. Rhododendron was named and classified by Linnaeus who named it from the Greek for rose tree.

This genus also contains shrubs commonly called azaleas within its 800 Rhododendron species and thousands of hybrids. The species are native to temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere but are most abundant in the Himalayas and other mountains of Asia. This plant is a cultivar of the species, R. caucasicum, which is native to the Caucasus of Eastern Europe.

It was classified and introduced by Peter Simon Pallas, 1741-1811, who was a German student of Russian and Siberian flora. This species would the primary parent of a series of hybrids known as the Caucasicum Hybrid Rhododendrons. ‘Cunningham White’ was an early hybrid introduced in 1830.

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Sit back and admire. Just €8

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Rhododendron "Ramapo"

Beautiful clusters of funnel shaped violet-blue flowers produced in abundance. Attractive blue-grey foliage. Height 60cm. Spread 60cm. Flower colour Blue. Flowers April, May. Evergreen. Foliage colour Blue. Hardy. Planting instructions Water thoroughly before planting. Click name above

A vigorous upright shrub with dark green leaves. Attractive large blooms in spring. Many colours to choose from.

We bring these in from a specialist nursery in Germany renowned for their Rhododendrons.

Plant in lime free acid, or nutral soil or up the ph with peat, feed with sequestered iron.
Height and Spread 2m X 2m at least.


Large rhodies here..