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The best scented shrub for winter is without doubt the undervalued sarcococca or Christmas box planted with WITCH HAZEL it can brighten up the winter garden with scent and colour.

This small group of compact evergreens really does benefit from autumn planting; the soil is still warm and by now hopefully damp, which will encourage root establishment before winter.

Known as the Christmas or sweet box there aren't many plants that are claimed to be tolerant of atmospheric pollution, dry shade and neglect! But Christmas box will put up with all those things and repay you to boot with its understated beauty that will grow on you if you plant one.

Sarcococca confusa, S. orientalis and S. ruscifolia are compact mound forming plants with deep green, glossy leaves and paler flowers; all are fragrant! Black, ruby red fruits occur on mature plants depending on the species. Like ever so slightly acid soil it will handle chalk, and not to much light in the summer so a summer shaded spot is ideal. Great even if planted informally and hidden in ever green borders.

You can grow Christmas box as an unusual low-growing hedge, where its scent will knock you out in winter, it really does pervade the air just when all is looking grey and hopeless in the depths of winter.
They rarely reach more than 3ft. (90cm) they are shade and chalk tolerant, good in pots and excellent for cut flowers in winter! Great for small city gardens or even on blaconies in Apartments. Half a dozen planted in a container with some scented cyclamen and Violas, Hyacinths will be wonderful feature on dull winter days in mild area you could also try lilly of the valley..




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